Still Life Tracing
(Still Life #17)
The act to clarify the point of my own interest turned into this series of work. 
Still Life Tracing is produced based on my previous works that I photographed for thet Still Life project. The process of tracing my own works disclosed my interest in still life and Western art. The brilliant colors from crayons and pencils that overlap with photographic images are providing a new content in still life.
My previous works that I used for this project originally exist as a single photographic image. Composition and the intention of objects depicted on the individual image are painted over with colored pencils or crayons. Although there was a hesitation in the act of taking something in my hand (brush, crayons, or colored pencils) onto a photographed image, these gestures gave me a suspicion such as, why am I taking these pictures? Am I imitating something? However, it helped me establish the act of tracing to develop as a project.
I have photographed (documented) several processes, scattered them in several layers.