Still Life Project
The Still Life project consists of booklets that are numbered into series, in which 18 booklets have been produced until now and it will continue to be produced as series. The photographs in the booklets are documentations of experiences and objects that I encountered through my daily life. Documentation is my approach to apprehend the still life genre in the Western art and also to tribute to the Western art that uses photography as medium. The photographs were first partitioned with key-terms such as livelihood, cleanliness, expendables, conservation, invention and history museums, working situation, tools and workshops, and then compiled into booklets.
With booklets, prints, clusters, and exhibitions.
Still Life #1
Still Life #2    Deutsches Museum
Still Life #3    Color
Still Life #4    Taxidermy SMNK
Still Life #5    Tidy
Still Life #6    At Home
Still Life #7    No Mythology To Follow by Johanna Hoth
Still Life #8    Openings and After
Still Life #9    Jean-Jacque Lebel’s Car
Still Life #10  Inside Urban Space: Sort, Work, Distance, and Light
Still Life #11  From a Graveyard
Still Life #12  Assemblage
Still Life #13  At a Studio: Restoration