Still Life Logistics
(Still Life #16)
Still Life Logistics is a project that is developed partially with Schildpatt Gallery in Chofu -ward, Tokyo, Japan, and the works were also displayed there in the 23.5 m2 gallery space. The images were digitally sent from Germany to Japan and they were printed in DIN A4 paper and installed by the personnel from the gallery. I intended to connect myself with the far located space and extend my work through the hands of someone else.
The objects that are selected for the photographic images are my intimate belongings that I attained as gifts or I carry with me during most of my daily life. As the title of the project “logistics” invites, the photographed images of the objects with blank-background represent the global logistics in the age of massive product consumption. 
I arranged my own intimate objects and colorful flowers that reference with the tradition of still life in Western art.