Fit In –
In Between
(Still Life #18)
Fit In – In Between focuses on the relationship between the subject and society, and produced as a reflection on the tradition of still life that goes back to antiquity. 
The group of Still Life works selected for this project, forces an examination of the aesthetic imprints of identity concepts. We all realise our formation of the ego by interweaving socially and culturally, by integrating and delimiting ourselves. The importance of the aesthetic dimension has been described in various subject theories. We claim our place in the world visually and pictorially: from passport photos to Instagram stories, from designs of private furnishings to urban planning. We negotiate our “fitting” into society about the visibility and iconicity of our self and our environment, our socio-cultural fit-in.
The booklet Still Life #18 is interlarded with quotations from the art history about representations of inanimate objects. But no seamless narrative is generated from these set pieces. The still life serves more as a blueprint to play with traditional cultural forms in an artistic way and to initiate a visual investigation of the interrelation of normative image and subject cultures. Each individual photograph raises the question of how cultural formations are socially negotiated and how subjects are constituted. 
With that in mind, working on images is the same as working about life.
(Extracted from the text written by Erec Gellautz)