The project A Villa - Western and Eastern Introspection consists of drawings, photography, painting, sculpture, architectural/interior design, and moving image. This is an attempt to bring the western and eastern thoughts and techniques, furthermore my own personal western and eastern background into forms of visual presentation.
Borrowed Landscape depicts the parallel between the imperial Katsura Villa in Kyoto, in which was commisioned to build in 17th Century by Prince Toshihito Hachijo, and the landscape painting by Camille Corot. I developed the notion of “Landscape” as a site of introspection - a construction invented as a space for reflection. The Villa is a retreat designed to reclaim a fictional villa, in which is mentioned in the 11th century novel, “Genji Monogatari” by Shikibu Murasaki. The video projection is an investigation to search and rediscover Camille Corot‘s landscapes. The work embodies the longing for the past and symbolizes the absence.
Form and its construction of Katsura Villa are determined by simplicity and clarity.  
o.T. (ca. 68% reduced) is a scaled down shelf and floor, that is in the Katsura Villa. By reducing its scale, it will avoid the concept of furniture, but notifies more as an architectural sculpture, in which can be observed from inside and outside.
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